Strange Modular Housings

If your Pro Mod or Pro Stock drag car is producing maximum horsepower but you just can’t get a grip on the traction issue, the Strange Ultra Pro Mod Rear End and 4-Link Full Floater Rear Ends were designed with you in mind.

Specially engineered to meet the needs of the most abusive and demanding racers, the Strange Pro Mod Rear End is precision milled using computer guided, Mazak manufacturing machines; operated by highly skilled technicians. It all begins with a chunk of aerospace quality, 206-T4, heat treated aluminum that has been enhanced with a hot isostatic process (HIP) to increase overall rigidity. By the time it is finished it will be a highly refined, lightweight aluminum drag race rear end housing that ensures precise alignment of the wheels. Strategically placed vertical and horizontal ribs prevent plate and tube rotation associated with fabricated steel housings. That means that a Strange Ultra Pro rear housing will never flex on launch as fabricated steel housings are prone to do.

All Strange Pro Mod and 4-Link Aluminum Rear End housings are Enduraguard coated with integrated upper wheelie bar mounts. They also have a large filler cap for ring gear inspection and a magnetic drain plug to capture harmful metallic debris.

Strange Ultra Pro Mod Rear End center configurations range from 16-inch to 23-inch (in 1-inch increments). Compatible center housings are sold separately and include Strange HD Pro, Strange Ultra, and Strange Billet Case assemblies which can accommodate a 9, 9.5, or 10-inch ring gear. Floater axles are sold in custom lengths as solid axles or lightweight gun drilled axles.

The Strange Full Floating rear end helps to eliminate wheel hop and flange breakage. This translates into quicker reaction times and more wins! The splined axle shaft is only responsible for transferring torque from the center section to the rear tires. This is because the weight of the vehicle rests on the hub assembly, instead of the axle. Floater hubs and drive plates are available in a variety of wheel lug patterns which include 4.75, 5, and 5.5-inch bolt patterns

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