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We are very excited to have Ron coming onboard with us. But this isn’t just exciting news for us. This is exciting news for you, our amazing customers, too! Ron brings an extensive and broad range of expertise in account management, sales and customer support, product management and education, drag race event coordination, and so much more. Ron will be serving you as our Sales and Purchasing Manager. He will be an invaluable resource to you by ensuring top-tier customer support as we continue to grow. Whether you are a distributor, dealer, or racer, Ron will be able to advise and supply you with the innovative and quality products you have come to know and love. Some of you may already know Ron, as he is no stranger to the racing community. But whether you know him or not, rest assured you will be glad he is part of our team! 

Our Story

Hammer Concepts and Designs LLC. is a family owned business that began as a dream in 2010. Through tinkering in the garage and helping friends bring ideas to fruition, Brian, the founder and owner began to see various areas in drag racing chassis building, design, and fabrication that had potential for development and refinement. 

Brian is an active duty aviator in the US Army with 24 years of service. He graduated from Embry Riddle University with a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Science in 2012. In high school, he was introduced to Computer Aided Drafting and has developed skill in 2D CAD and 3D modeling over the past 20 years.

His interest in art and design combined with a mechanical mind, yields a line of products that continuously push the envelope for functionality and appearance. As Brian often says, "It is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do seeing concepts fully developed into innovative designs and products". 

We have four children and live in Adams, Tennessee. Our family works together in various ways to bring the best of racing innovation to your race cars. Together, our mission is to deliver innovative products to you that provide precision, accuracy, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. These principles are woven into all that we do!

Our focus is to continue to provide excellent customer service and  innovation. In 2022, we moved HC&D from our home garage into a new facility. In 2023, we made a couple critical hires adding to our team. This has enable us to expand capabilities while ensuring the same quality of service that you have come to expect. 

We are aware the race car performance parts sector is competitive with lots of choices. We cannot do what we do without your support and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Thank you!

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