HC&D Custom Built Rear End Housings

Thank you for considering HC&D for your custom rearend housing requirements.  We understand this is a high cost investment and want you to walk along side us as we  build your housing.  Some custom builds are straight forward and others are very unique requiring a clear intent/vision, accurate dimensions, and good communication to get the end product as desired.

Generally, the process is as follows:

  • To get a general idea of the cost, you can place the base housing you want in a cart.  The things you require as add ons can be added to the cart.  Most things are accurate.  There are a few items that are custom and will require a phone call.
  • Once you have a good plan for your build, we will need accurate dimensions and selection of options.  Download a copy of the build sheet (found below per housing type) and fill it out as complete as possible.  If there are items you are unsure of or have questions on, call us to talk through it.
  • Email the complete build sheet to sales@hammerconceptsanddesigns.com.
  • We will follow up with a phone call and make sure we have a mutual understanding on the scope of the build and talk through options and dimensions.
  • If you would like to proceed with the build, we will get you an exact cost for your housing and associated parts. Payment in full is due at this time.
  • Once payment is complete, we will pencil you in on the build schedule and order parts (axles, brakes, floater kit, 3rd member etc. if required).
  • When your housing is next in our que to be built, we will call you to confirm the build sheet is accurate and nothing has changed.
  • We will start your build, send progress pics (if desired), and complete your build within 1 week of the start.  If your housing requires powder coat once finished, it may add an additional 1-2 weeks onto the timeline before shipping.
  • We will ship the housing within 1-2 business days of completion pending powder coat.  If your build is a bare housing, we will ship via UPS.  If your housing is an assembled floater housing or complete with 3rd member and axles, we will ship via freight.

If you have any questions we are glad to answer them 931-820-0619. 

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